Our Mission

Groundwork New Orleans works to achieve the mission we share with Groundwork USA, which is to work to bring about the sustained regeneration, improvement and management of the physical environment by developing community-based partnerships that empower people, businesses and organizations to promote environmental, economic and social well-being.

Vision: Groundwork New Orleans engages residents, volunteers, businesses and local organizations in practical projects that improve quality of life, restore the ecological function of the physical environment, and lay the foundations for sustainable development.

Goals and Objectives: A sustainable community starts with a vibrant, healthy and safe environment for individuals and enterprises to prosper.  The primary goal of Groundwork New Orleans is to improve quality of life in the City of New Orleans in three ways:

For Residents:  creating opportunities for people to learn new skills and take local action to better their community.
For Neighborhoods:  creating better, safer and healthier neighborhoods today and for the future.
For Prosperity:  helping businesses and individuals fulfill their potential, which ultimately makes the City of New Orleans a better, more prosperous place to live.