Climate Conversations: “Decoding the Weather Machine”

Sunday, August 26, 2018 2pm to 4pm at Audubon Nature Center

Join us to watch the new NOVA climate change film, “Decoding the Weather Machine”. Followed by a panel discussion on the effects of Climate Change on New Orleans. Free and Open to the Public. Reserve your Ticket

“Disastrous hurricanes. Widespread droughts and wildfires. Withering heat. Extreme rainfall. It is hard not to conclude that something’s up with the weather, and many scientists agree. It’s the result of the weather machine itself—our climate—changing, becoming hotter and more erratic. In this 2-hour documentary, NOVA will cut through the confusion around climate change. Why do scientists overwhelmingly agree that our climate is changing, and that human activity is causing it? How and when will it affect us through the weather we experience? And what will it take to bend the trajectory of planetary warming toward more benign outcomes? Join scientists around the world on a quest to better understand the workings of the weather and climate machine we call Earth, and discover how we can be resilient—even thrive—in the face of enormous change.”

Meet our Panelist for the Discussion

Julia Kumari Drapkin

is the founder of ISeeChange, a community-sourced weather and climate reporting platform. Drapkin created ISeeChange after over a decade reporting on climate science across the globe and in her own backyard on the Gulf Coast.  Drapkin consults for Resources for the Future and NASA, and is a board member for the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.









Janice Barnes

is the Director of Resilience at Waggonner & Ball Architects/Environments. She works with clients to identify their risks and vulnerabilities and to meet their resilience goals. With nearly 30 years of design experience bridging practical applications with empirical research, Janice recognizes critical organizational processes and links these to appropriate design responses. Internationally recognized for this expertise, Janice links environmental, social and economic indicators to advance resilience principles and connect knowledge across communities






Aron Chang

is an urban designer and educator based in New Orleans, and is working on community-based planning and design models for water infrastructure and resilience. He is co-founder and director at the Blue House, a Central City collective and work space focused on civic dialogue. He is co-director of Ripple Effect, an organization that promotes water literacy through design-based, in-school instruction. He is also a founding member of the Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans. He is also a faculty member at the Tulane School of Architecture and Visiting Scholar with the Tulane’s Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking.