Green Infrastructure is an array of products, technologies, and practices that use natural systems – or engineered systems that mimic natural processes – to enhance overall environmental quality and provide utility services. Green Infrastructure use soils and vegetation to infiltrate, evapo-transpire, and/or recycle stormwater runoff. Green Infrastructure practices include green roofs, porous pavement, rain gardens, and vegetated swales. In addition to effectively retaining and infiltrating rainfall, these technologies can simultaneously help filter air pollutants, reduce energy demands, mitigate urban heat islands, and sequester carbon while also providing communities with aesthetic and natural resource benefits.

Stormwater Management Services

Groundwork New Orleans engages local residents, businesses and government officials to revitalize neighborhoods and transform community liabilities into community assets. By changing places we change lives.  Since 2006, GWNO has focused on neighborhood-based best management practices, or “BMPs”, implementing projects that mitigate storm water threats while improving quality of life, restoring ecosystems, and contributing to a healthier watershed that includes surrounding wetlands and the Gulf of Mexico estuaries. These projects include installing rain gardens and bioswales, capturing storm water and utilizing native plants to filter storm water run off and help recharge the ground water table.


Rain garden Bioswale
Rain gardens are depressions in the ground that improve drainage by storing storm water. They contain native plants, and add beauty and educational value to the neighborhood. The plants filter toxins, introducing clean water into local waterways.


Bioswales are rain gardens that are built like a channel or ditch. They have sloping sides and allow water to move through them gradually. Storm water runoff from nearby surfaces (such as streets, rooftops, and sidewalks) may enter the bioswale.


Flow Through Planter Rain Barrel
Groundwork New Orleans provides Flow-Through Planters for Stormwater Management. The planters can be installed as a free standing system or with a diverted downspout in order to capture more stormwater. The planters are a complete system that comes with Native Plants.  Rain barrels can divert water from your foundation and lower your water bill. Rain barrels help reduce flooding by preventing storm water from entering the drainage system. The water is stored in the barrel and can be used to water your plants and gardens.