10,000 Green Thumbs Initiative

The goal of the Groundwork 10,000 Green Thumbs Initiative is to inspire, educate and transform communities through the implementation of green infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure that youth understand the power of their voice in improving the City of New Orleans. Groundwork’s youth job training program focuses on engaging youth around stormwater management issues and the implementation of green infrastructure projects. The initiative is about  training youth to mitigate flooding and to advocate for a more resilient City for all residents.

The goal of the 10,000 Green Thumbs Initiative is to involve everyone in the process of creating a healthier community. Engaging residents and businesses around community beautification projects. Youth are employed and trained to reclaim the vacant, contaminated and underutilized public land. The redevelopment of the land includes the creation of rain gardens, pocket parks, gardens, and biodiversity plantings. Businesses can sponsor a Green Thumb project by emailing info@groundworknola.org.


Urban Forestry

We have planted close to 1000 trees. Our Urban Forestry program advocates for the importance of trees as a critical part of a healthy thriving City.

Trees do great things:

  •  Improve air quality – which reduces asthma and other health problems
  • Help reduce stress and improve concentration
  • Provides shade to lower utility bills
  • Reduce the heat island effect
  • Improve water quality by reducing storm water runoff
  • Reduce crime and slow down traffic
  • Buffer noise from the street
  • Absorb and store a lot of water in their trunks which helps reduce street flooding
  • Raise property values for your home and neighborhood
  • Make a community a more beautiful place to live

You can support our efforts by volunteering to help plant trees or by making a donation.


Click on the map below to see the impact of our Green Thumbs!