Service Learning Sites

8 Rain Gardens on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd: These rain gardens were the first installed in the City in 2007. The Green Team maintains the rain gardens, learns about the plants, conduct soil testing, water monitoring and assists in educating volunteers, rain garden adopters and the public about the importance of stormwater management and green infrastructure.


Green Slice: is an interdisciplinary research project in the Lower Ninth ward. The “Green Slice” examines reconnecting the community with the area watershed through community engagement, water monitoring, and the design, installation and maintenance of the Lower 9th Ward Earth Lab. Students are learning watershed improvement through water quality testing and community engagement.



Earth Lab: is an outdoor scientific classroom, located on St. Claude Ave by the Healing Center. As a scientific laboratory, the Earth Lab allows teachers, students, and neighborhood residents to touch, test, and see the results of green technologies that support water filtration, pollution remediation, soil health, food systems, integrated water resource management and ecosystem regenerations.




“Changing Places Changing Lives”